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The book sketches a holistic view in which Science, Art, and Christianity are anchored in one creative principle; Synthesis. Synthesis is the creative principle that brings forth the universe as well as human art. Christianity holds that God is Triune, eternal existence, eternal Unity in the difference of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Synthesis, the integration of difference into oneness, is the ontological architecture of all created existence. All created existence, therefore, carries the watermark of eternal existence which is unity in diversity. Incarnation, the central mystery of Christianity is the unification of God's absolute existence with created existence. This because all of creation is created through the Word of God that is Christ.The purpose of the book is to contribute to the urgent task to integrate modern science, through the beauty of art,  into a theology of nature for our time.

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thesis: Because god is love, creation is his gift.


   The fundamental revelation of Christianity is that God is love. it follows that creation is the gift of the loving God. Like in any genuine gift, what is really given away reflects the giver. The ontological structure of all that is, exists as unity of parts, as united diversity. The interpretation from Christianity is that this structure of all created being reflects the Trinitarian Word of God. It is the gift of God that departed from God to become the nature of nature, the creative center of all creation.

All that comes into existence must do so by becoming integrated into one. This is to say that all things new must be units that integrate parts, that have become unities before (Teilhard de Chardin). Therefore, parts, different either in quantity or quality, must be integrated into unity in order to bring forth emergent novelty. The process of sequential unification brings forth every thing, including the human mind. Therefore, its creativity is  rooted in the creativity of nature. This is why synthesis is creative in nature and art.